New York Skyscrapers

Empire State Building New York

New York Skyscrapers

New York has the largest amount of skyscrapers in the world, most people beleive the first skyscraper was built in New York however that accalaid goes to Chicago.

However New York didnt waste much time back then most companies wanted a big building to show up and make their brand stand out more, building after building started rising into the sky and the New york skyline was changed forever.

The Tallest Skyscraper record has been in New York many times and often for countless years, the Metropolitan Life Insurance Tower stood 700 feet (50 stories high) and was the world's tallest building from 1909 to 1913.

Then the Woolworth Building at sixty stories took over the skies and was the worlds tallest from 1913-1930 at 792 feet.

This was then quickly overtaken by the Bank Of Manhattan 927 feet 71 stories.

And once again another arrival the Chrysler Building breifly held the tallest title in 1930 at 1046 feet 77 stories.

At the time of writing New York has a total of 5,982 high-rise buildings.

View of New Yorks skylineView of New Yorks skylineView of New Yorks skyline

Views of the New York Skyline the big apple the city that never sleeps and more everyone I know either loves New York or wants to go to New York and experience it for themselves.

Empire State Building New YorkEmpire State Building - Everyone recognises this giant of the skies, this old master has some established records which although now broken by newer buildings I doubt if thier duration will exceed that of the Empire State Building.

Freedom Tower New York One World Tower - Also known as Freedom Tower, is the centerpiece building of the new World Trade Center complex which is currently being built in Lower Manhattan.


World Trade CentreWorld Trade Centre - Sadly no longer with us following the tragic events of September 11 2001. New buildings are planned for the site with memorials for thos lost on that tragic day.

Chrystler Building

Chrystler Building - Held the world's tallest record for only a short time but was involved in a race for the title against the Empire State Building. Another one of the reogniseable images of the New york skyline.

American International Building

Americian International Building - This tall structure has had height record awarded and taken away over the years and it has seen New York change over the years since its contruction in 1932.

Bank Of America TowerBank Of America Tower - This building will feature two spires one 365.76 meter (1200 ft) is purely for architectural, and the other 292.61 meter (960ft) it will also feature a number of design features to make it more enviromentally friendly.

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