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One World Trade Center Tower Freedom tower

New York One World Trade Center Tower aka Freedom TowerOne World Trade Center Tower also known as Freedom Tower, became the tallest building in the western hemisphere on 10th May 2013 when its spire was installed making the structure stand at a height of 1,776ft (541m).
The 408ft spire will also serve as a broadcast antenna, 60 bolts secure the spire into place.

One World Trade Center also claimed the title of New York City's tallest skyscraper on the 1st May 2012. Workers erected a unfinished steel skeleton which gave the tower a height of 1250 ft, 381m which just exceeds the observation deck of the Empire State Building.

Work is expected to finish mid 2013 at which time it will be declared the tallest building in the US and the third tallest in the world. A museum is also under construction as part of the tribute and memorial to the many lost on the those dark.

Designs did call for the towers roof to be the same as the original north tower at 1,368 ft 416.97m, however the plan seems to be to top it with a 408ft 124.36m mast which would make the height reach 1,776 ft which would refer to the year of Americas founding.

Many say that Antenna should not count as they are not a permanent structure, and this is an important point. The iconic Empire State antenna was not added until the early 1950's.

The Empire States a height to the antenna of 1,454 feet (443.18m) which is higher than One World Towers height at 1st May 2012. Without the antenna the Empire States height would be 1,250 ft 381m, this still made it the tallest skyscraper for the years 1931-1972.


World Trade Center Tower Night View with Statue of Liberty

The previous World Trade Center towers and nearby structures were lost to the hands of terrorists on September 11th 2001. After much discussion it was decided to rebuild but to ensure areas and spaces were designed in a way to remeber and pay tribute to those lost within the buildings, who were also lost on that day.

The new tower will be built in the Northwest corner of the site which is 16-acres (65,000 m²) in size.

Ground was broken July 4th 2004 but disputes between owners, politics and business interests caused many delays.

Work began on the foundations for the tower on April 27 2006. In mid December the first steel columns were moved into the foundations of the building.

Want to see a view down from the spire? Use this link @ bbc to view the video [link]

New York One World Trade Center Tower Spectacular view
View of One Trade Center from the river, river boat in shot

New York One World Trade Center Tower view from the ground

Lead Images via WTCProgress

Freedom Tower New York

The Freedom Tower will not be alone on the site, three other high rises are in advanced stages which will also feature a residential tower which will surround the World Trade Center Memorial and Museum.


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