Empire State building in New York City NYC

Empire State Building New York

Empire State building New york

The Iconic Empire State Building is a building everyone recognises world wide they may of seen it on the news or in pictures or of course in the King Kong movies.

The building is 102 storeys and is 1,250 feet high, (381 m) if you include the large broadcast antennna on the top it takes the height to 1,472 feet (448 m).

This building was completed in 1931, but construction only began in January 1930... the speed and work rate is amazing especially when you compare the advancements in lifting and other technology in recent years. However building back then was a far dangerous time and sadly many workers died during construction.

An international icon, it has been visited by more than 117 million people, who come to marvel at a amazing 80-mile view into New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

The façade is composed of more than 200,000 cubic feet of Indiana limestone and granite, and utilizes several setbacks to offset the optical distortion of its 102-story height.

On a Saturday morning in July 1945, a US B-25 Bomber crashed into the 79th floor offices of the Catholic War Relief Services. Fourteen people died. Despite suffering some fire damage and a 20-foot gash, the Empire State building opened back up for business on Monday.

Decorated with enormous bronze medallions celebrating the craftsmen responsible for the building, and a metal mosaic featuring the building as the center of the universe, the lobby is without peer.

View from the Empire State BuildingView from the Empire State Building

Visitors to the building head straight for the 86 th floor observatory to take in the stunning views over the city, on this floor there is the gift shop and you can step out of the enclosed space onto the wrap-around outside terrace.

Depending on the day you go you may be able to travel up a further 16 floors to the 102 nd floor observatory, this however is smaller than the lower observatory and is not open all the time to the public due to concerns on visitor numbers.


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