Chrysler Building New York City

Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building New YorkThe Chrysler Building is a recogniseable symbol of New york City, it stands 1,046 feet (319m) and as the nsame suggests was orignally built ofr the Chrysler company.

This building was the first in the world to stand over 1,000 feet (305m) and was completed in 1930.

Building was constucted using 20,961 tons of structurial steel, 391,881 rivets and a massive 3,826,000 bricks. There are a total of 3,862 windows.

Not many people relise just what materials the Chrysler Building is made from... well it is the tallest brick building in the world and is unlikely to lose that title as modern buildings now use a micture of metals and concrete structures.

In the 1920-30's competition was tough and companies were eager to build the largest or tallest structures to back this up just before completion of this building the height was even with a building on 40 Wall Street built by Craig Severance... who decided that he needed to add an extra two feet to his building to claim the title of the worlds tallest building.

Not to be out done Mr van Alen the designer for the Chrysler building had already in secret obtained permission to build a spire 185 ft (58.4 m) which was being built inside the building.

The spire is not made from brick, it is made of stainless steel and was hoisted to the toip of the completed building on October 23 1929. This made the Chyslter Building the world's tallest building and the world's tallest structure.

Although Van Alen and Chrysler enjoyed this for less than a year with the arrival of the Empire State Building. And what did Walter Chrysler do to show his gratitude for building a still amazing but seconds tallest structure... he refused to pay Van Alen his fee.


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