American International Building New York City

The Bank of America Tower

The Bank Of America Tower in New York The Bank of America Tower is being constructed in New York City bordering 6th Avenue and West 42nd Street. It will feature two spires one 365.76 meter (1200 ft) is purely for architectural, and the other 292.61 meter (960ft) spire is to have a wind turbine installed which would generate electricity for the building.

The design plans have won praise from a number of sources for being the most ambitious Eco-friendly Skyscraper back in 2005 by Popular Science. The main environmental benefits are that the building will be able to generate 70% of its energy needs, will use floor-to-ceiling insulating glass to contain heat and maximise natural light. LED lights will also be used which will automatically dim during the day and a greywater system will be used to collect rainwater and toilet water to reuse it for certain uses.


The building plans also show they plan to install an air purification system so that air entering the building will be ‘cleaned' and will end up being cleaner when expelled from the building compared to when it entered the tower.

The site previously had a number of buildings previously on the site, the tallest of which was the Remington Building, which was a narrow high-rise building, which was being demolished back in 2002 in preparation of the Bank of America Tower construction.



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