American International Building New York City

American International building

American International Building New YorkThe American International Building in New York is a distinctive looking 66 story, which stands 952 foot (290 m) tall. Completed in 1932 during the New york city skyscraper race for the worlds tallest skyscraper.

This building did hold the world's tallest building title until the 1970's when the World Trade Center was completed. Then following the horrific acts of September 11 2001 it regained the tallest building in the downtown area but sat behind the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building in height titles.


A trait of this building is the theme of the limestone clad tower is a mountain with a snow cap. The building also has an open air platform with an enclosed glass observatory. Unfortunately this observertory is no longer public and now only employees of American International Group (AIG) get the chance to experience the views over the city.

This building was designed with double decker elevators so that two floors could be served at one time and to make better use of the limited elevator shafts. However soon after these were introduced they were removed following low popularity, however other buildings and designers began to introduce this idea into future projects.

We all know that King Kong is famous for the Empire State Building scenes, well if you are wondering where you have seen this building from wonder no more... it featured in the Spiderman movie.


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