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London Tower 42 (Formely Natwest Tower)

Tower 42

Tower 42 is located in the City of London at 25 Old Broad Street,  it stands 183 m (600ft) tall, and was constructed between 1971 and 1980 to house the Natwest Bank. Its previous name was the Natwest Tower because of this, the logo of the bank can also be seen by the way the towers three chevrons are designed into the buildings fabric construction.

The building cost was around £72 million pounds at that time, it was built by John Mowlem & Co and designed by Richard Seifert.
The building height made Tower 42 the tallest building in the UK until 1 Canada Square in the London Docklands arrived in 1990. It continued to be the tallest building in City of London until the Heron Tower arrived in late 2009.

During a Bombing back in April 24th 1993 by Provisions IRA in the Bishops Gate area, extensive damage was caused to the Natwest Tower and many other nearby buildings. The tower need to be reclad and some internal refurbishment was needed, this cost £75 million.
After refurbishment the Natwest bank decided not to re-occupy partly to changes in banking floors and needs and likely to consolidate as they had already moved operations, instead they renamed it to the International Financial Centre and promptly sold it.

The next owners in turn decided to rename to Tower 42 as it comprised of 42 floors. Currently the Tower is occupied by many tenants primarily office space and restaurant facilities. In 2011 ownership changed hands when it was purchased for £282.5 million by a South African business man named Nathan Kirsh.


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