London Skyline view of Tower 42, the city and the gherkin

London Skyline view over the city of london

view of London taken down river looking back at the City of London with St Pauls and Tower 42, and the gherkin clearly visable

Heron Tower London
Heron Tower - also known as 110 Bishopsgate, the tower stands 230 metres (663 ft) tall including a mast of 28 metres, this makes it the tallest building in the City of London and the third tallest in the whole of London.

Bishopsgate TowerThe Bishopsgate Tower  - also known as DIFA Tower and The Helter Skelter. Planning permission given in early 2006, but with a lower height than the original 307m proposed, will be located in the central business district of london alongside the Gherkin crowning the skyline.


30 St Mary Axe, The Swiss Tower, London Gherkin
30 St Mary Axe, The Gherkin, Swiss Tower
- Whatever name you choose to call it this building has a unique design and looks at home in the london skyline.


One Canada Square Tower (Canary Wharf)One Canada Square - Known to many as the Canary Wharf Tower this building has been the tallest building in England for many years taking over from Tower 42, and will soon be taken over by the new arrival of buildings to sculpt the London skyline.


London Shard Bridge
London Shard Bridge
- Again due for completion around 2010 this building will be take over and become the tallest building in London and Europe.
The structure does look like a large shard of glass.

Tower 42 (Natwest Tower)Tower 42 (formely Natwest Tower) - Was the tallest skyscraper in London for over ten years until the arrival of the 1 Canada sqaure Canary Wharf development. This building still dominates the City of London skyline and is still best known by its original name.

London Skyscrapers

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