Heron Tower Tallest Building in City Of London at 230m/663ft

Heron Tower London

Heron Tower

Heron Tower also known as 110 Bishopsgate is a skyscraper in the City of London. The tower stands 230 metres (663 ft) tall including a mast of 28 metres, this makes it the tallest building in the City of London and the third tallest in the whole of London, after the 1 Canada Square and the Shard London Bridge.

Originally it was planned for the tower to be 183 metres which would of matched the height of Tower 42 which was the then tallest in the City of London.

The planned tower caused controversy from several groups when concerning its proximity to St Pauls Cathedral when viewed from the Waterloo Bridge. Following a public inquiry the government minister ruled in the developers favour and the tower was given final approval in July 2002.

September 2005 construction had not began and application to increase the tower to 202m/663 ft topped off with 28m/92ft mast giving an overall total of 230m/755ft – After some design refinements the revisions we approved in January 2006.


The entrance and reception area has been designed in concierge-style, incorporating a 70,000 litre aquarium which will hold sharks and 1300 other fish! A restaurant and sky bar both of which are planned to be open to the public on floors 38-40, which can be accessed by dedicated scenic lifts from Bishopsgate.


In 2007 the Heron Group confirmed that a funding deal had been agreed with a fund supplied by the Sultan of Oman, and Skanska group were appointed as main contractor, they also erected the Gherkin.

Full construction began in early 2008 on the foundations and the first tower crane was put up in June, followed by a second in August, and a third in September.

Steelwork restarted in January 2009 and constructions increased with floors being added in sets of two, taking about two weeks to construct. Cladding was first added in May, Photovoltaic cells are used to generate renewable energy.


In October 2009 it stood at 34 floors and 150 metres, in November it overtook the 164m Broadgate Tower and at the end of 2009 construction reached the 44th floor which overtook Tower 42 which had held the record for 30 years.


12th April 2010 held a topping out ceremony to celebrate the structures completion, on 22nd July 2010 the spire was added taking the building to a height of 230 metres.
January 2011 the aquarium was delivered to site.

Heron Tower will form the centrepiece of 1 Heron Plaza development adjacent to the Heron Tower. In excess of £500 million will be spent building 43 floors to contain 190 hotel rooms and suites, 120 branded residences handled by the Four Seasons Group.  Also included conference, meeting, gym/sauna and swimming facilities.

The previous building replaces a 24th floor office building built in 1976 which was named Southwark Towers.


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