London Bishopsgate Tower planned 288 m high addition to the London skyline

London Bishopsgate tower

London BishopsGate Tower

London Bishops Gate Tower will soon be the latest addition to the financial district of london with a planned height of 288 m it will taller than Canary Wharf One Canada Square which is 235 m in height.

Although this will soon change as the newer and higher developments are propesed and approved likely the successor will be the London Bridge Tower.

During the planning stages disagreements about the way the project was heading resulted in a change ofarchitect. This also lead to the building moved northwards from 6-8 bishopsgate to nearby Crosby Court the primary reason for this was to reduce the impact of the building on views from Fleet Street.

The buildings design is set to accomodate 8,124 workers and has a total of 6 parking spaces all are for disabled users.

In mid 2005 the new design was revised again from the 307m height following objections from the Civil Aviation Authority who were worried that the height could endanger Planes especially following recent world events.

The glazing for the building will all be the same size to reduce building cost and will work like a snakeskin with each piece clad in ventilated material. Also at the top of the building Solar panelling will be installed to harness power from the sun, when built this will be the largest about of Solar panelling on a building in London.

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